Our Services

Learn more about the breadth of services we offer and the value we can contribute to your organization.


We offer a vast array of consultation services for clientele at virtually any stage of growth. We are equally versed in start-up coaching as we are in conducting comprehensive business process analysis for Fortune-1000 organizations. We are frequently called upon to provide operations management guidance and enterprise-wide audit services, including assistance with achieving ISO/IEC-or-equivalent standards compliance. We are particularly skilled at preparing companies for VC or Angel cash infusions and/or acquisition by ensuring rigorous documentation standards, unifying brand identity and marketing presence, and implementing disaster recovery and security protocols that further business continuity objectives.


Our development prowess has been honed over more than a decade. Our primary focus is on business management applications and process automation, ranging from full-fledged ERPs to more basic data manipulation and reporting tools. Rather than delivering "cookie cutter" solutions for our clients, we strive to have our products reflect the specific organizational realities and workflow requirements we discover. We proudly specialize in architecting solutions based upon ColdFusion® server technologies, coupled with Microsoft SQL Server® back-ends, and we have exceptional expertise in user-interface/user-experience design, performance optimization, and security/role management. Additionally, we excel at creating mobile-accessible and responsive platforms, allowing our clients to benefit from their investments at all times.


One of our most significant comparative advantages is our ability to offer clients flexible and customized financing options. Our goal is to help promote the long-term strategic interests of our clients, and we have found that development and equipment finance is a particularly powerful tool to that end. With terms ranging from a few months to several years, we help facilitate business investments that take into account cash flow realities and allow our clients to begin achieving immediate ROI from their new assets. By avoiding the costly and time-consuming approval processes from banks or other third-party lenders, we are able to significantly expedite the finance structuring and allow our clients to focus on their business - not on tedious paperwork.


Over 15 years of industry experience, we have cultivated high-value relationships with a myriad of reputable vendors, and we are eager to pass along the benefits of these partnerships to our clients. Rather than being limited by the size of an individual order, we are able to exploit our economies of scale and deliver third-party hardware, software, and services to our clients at rates they would otherwise be unable to secure. Our VAR and MSP status often allows us to procure offerings from companies like Dell, Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe, VMWare, and others at steeply discounted prices, while combining these savings with an extensive and constantly updated knowledge of their product lines and the competitive landscape.